Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saltspring Island

I'm sitting at the Saltspring Coffee, one of my favourite spots in Ganges. Just had their delicious potato and pea soup. Gilbert ate most of the bread. He doesn't like the standard 'white bread'. He also had the crust of the rhubarb pie I devoured without sharing any of the rhubarb or whipped cream with him.
He's been having a great time visitting with all the dogs.

I've been to Mowatt's Hardware and the Farmer's Market. Replaced the antler and flower stud earrings I'd lost since I was last at the Market. I love the woman's tiny intricate artisanship. At Blacksheep Books I bought the latest Bernard Cornwell. Thank goodness he's a prolific writer.

I'm camping out at the Farmer's Institute. Came in at 11 pm, the ferries being booked and delayed. I'd started out at 3:30 pm from the office so a long ride just getting here. Lots of waiting and reading books on my Kindle and Iphone. Thank goodness for high tech.

I've enjoyed the speakers. So far only Brian and Murray from the old crowd. Brian's BigFoot camper has done him really well this fall with trips all over and winter in Palm Springs. Murray had just got his Harley Roadster on the road when he was tboned. Fortunately no harm to himself though he said he'd done a 25 foot superman flight. The bike was a right off and with the money he got he was able to buy a new Softtail. This he drove up to Hope on his first run and loved the increased power and improved handling.

I naturally talked about my ride to Sturges last week. I'm wearing a Sturges 2013 sweat shirt and the guys just naturally ask. "Yes, I rode to Sturges on my Harley last week. 5000 km ride, doing 5-600 km a day on the Electraglide, hear Doobies Brothers, Kid Rock and ZZ3, tens of thousands of motorcycles." Wow. It comes out a bit like a soundbite. I take the 'acknowledgement' and move on. No idea what I'll do next. Each of the guys told their story. Wow. We call the achievements 'gifts' and 'promises'.

I try to stay in gratitude.

The tent was a puzzle. Darkness. Setting up in the light of car headlights - have I ever set up a tent in the light? How come they don't clearly mark which direction the fly faces. It's not that big a deal. Soon I've got the mattress inflated, sleeping bag in. Gilbert explores it all and then curls up for the night. I read the ipad story.

I've been thinking of age like race and gangs. I'm pigeonholed in the older crowd. My cohort looks old. I am old. Yet everyone over 20 seems justt an adult to me. I remember how I saw the older. Am greeted by a young person and register that they're 'opinionated' about me as 'older' in the same way I 'filter' or 'profile' at times according to race or religion. Bending over to pick up a dropped flashlight battery I remember my father bending like me. There are aches and there's stiffness and I wonder if all the yoga and tai chi in the world could restore Humpty. I've fallen off so many walls, been beat up and battered round, pushed off, jumped off or just plain tripped .

I think those with children have a greatest chance at aging gracefully. I'm shocked by the disparity and feel the process as ratchet like, not at all smooth. Itt seems just yesterday I was young then a decade flew by. Today seems long as each day does but then surprise I'm another milestone along.

The two woman in the tent next to me have a yorkie, In the night I heard her protecting their tent with her pipsqueak growls. Once Gilbert barked and the baritone of his little voice really did startle her. At the time she was letting him know this was her tent and hopeful her mommies would back her up. Gilbert's not that big a dog but by contrast he's enormous.

I've sailed here so many times in the GIRI. 20 years ago at least and more I was anchored in Ganges. I'd caught salmon earlier that day. The dolphins used to join the boat when I sailed among the gulf islands. Then there was the time I came in the Safari Van. Also the motorcycle times. Tenting, staying in hotels and resorts. Here I am again with a sports car and a tent. The friends I've travelled with come to mind too, and the dogs, and the cats.

Today Gilbert is my inspiration. His interest and enthusiasm rub off on me.

We've just returned from swimming in St. Mary's Lake. I actually convinced him to jump in and he clawed up on top of me then swam the couple of yards back to the shore, very excited by the whole ordeal. He's not a water dog but he's made the plunge again and maybe one day will be more relaxed about the whole matter. I liked nature's own bath and the ease of movement that goes with exercising in water.

The lamb roast is this afternoon. I'll go back to the tent and apologise to the neighbours for cutting them off with my car while they were walking across the cross walk. I'd been circling the town a half dozen times looking for a parking spot in the chaos when I made that gaff.

A nap would be nice now. A nap would really add to the day.

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Fun story Bill. Regards to Gilbert.