Friday, August 9, 2013

Hot Springs Spa Motel, White Sulphur Spring, Montana

I had only planned to overnight here.  It was a destination for a motorcyclists with the hope of more than just a bed. I love hot springs.  And this one is amazing. As near composition of the "waters" of Bader Bader Germany, discovered by white men in the mid 1800's, it's incredible.
The staff were welcoming.  I rented a room and was told that the pools opened at 6 am and closed at 11 pm. It was 9 pm.

I'd had a rush of ride up from Livingston. Saw lots of white tail deer, wild turkeys and domestic sheep. Spectacular countryside.  Historic stops told of the Castle Mountains and Big Belt. The Montana gold rush.  Lewis and Clark Trail near by.  The wagon trail in the area. Hostile Indians and cattle ranches.

I unloaded my motorcycle, changed in my room and then took my first dip in the 'waters'.  Back at the front desk I booked another night. I wasn't going to want to leave in the morning.  That night I watched tv and ate deep fried chicken and chips from the saloon down the street.
Next morning I had a fine sausage and egg breakfast at Dori's.  It was a real country home feeling cafe.  I'd already taken my first soak in the pools and really relaxed.
There are 3, all large, one inside with the hottest, scalding temperature, a warm and a hot one outside.  Lying on the chaise long in the afternoon I got sun burnt so swore off the hottest pool after that.
At night I had a chiropractic treatment by Dr. Gudmundsen. His receptionist was as hot as the springs.
I've known chiropractors over the years, a couple as friends.  I've  had some mighty fine manipulations.  This one was great.  What was even better was soaking in the hot springs after.
I already written my chiropractor friend, Dr.  Richard Cho to tell him he's just got to get a natural sulphur hot spring in his waiting room . Maybe Dr. Stan Jung can get one at the university.  Definitely adds to the benefits of the chiropractic treatment.
My backs been okay. It's just wearing a helmut for days on end puts a little strain on the cervical spine. I slept well that night with all the neck stiffness gone.
Merle Haggart played in town at their Red Ants Music Festival last month.  It's a really friendly town.    I'd certainly  come back. They close the streets for dancing during the rodeo season.
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