Thursday, August 29, 2013

Marijuania is not safe

Marijuania is not safe. There are many lies and myths perpetuated on behalf of the international multi billion dollar marijuana industry. The slick marketting campaign and spheres of influence are seen in words such as "medical marijuania". There is no such thing as smoked 'medical marijuania' and the medical profession has in no way supported the government and business political agenda to promote distribution of marijuana. The claims on behalf of the 'elixir' of marijuana, this 'new age panacea' are as false as the claims the tobacco companies foisted on the public only short decades ago.
Legalization of marijuana means tobacconization of marijuana. The confusion of legal terms is a direct consequence of the marketting strategies of the big business promotion of this poisonous dangerous compound. "De criminalization' of addiction has been long a goal of the medical community who see patients not benefitting from criminal incarceration but needing treatment by all means instead.
Smoked marijuana, inhaled marijuana, is no more good for the lungs than smoking tobacco. It is the same as 'safe injection site' rhetoric. There is no 'safe' injection site. I was trained as a doctor all the dangers of needles and injection and today illicit drug injection remains the principal cause of the continued spread of deadly infectious disease in this community not to mention all the local trauma and disease associated with unclean introduction of foreign objects into bodies never made to have needles stuck into their blood vessels for recreation and escape.
Junkies and potheads don't find cures for cancer or get awards for altruism and creativity in the community. That's because illicit drugs impair mental and emotional function.
The Marijuana industry says that marijuana is no worse than alcohol and tobacco. It simply is worse than alcohol because alcohol isn't smoked and the effects of alcohol taken socially and responsibly are beneficial. If marijuana users were to say that all they wanted was to drink a weak marijuana tea which was what historically was the 'herbal' use of this substance, there might be some honesty in their arguments. However the 'potency' of present day marijuania is equivalent in a toke to the white lightning LSD of 60's and 70's. People become psychotic on marijuana today.
Canada has the highest incidence of adolescent usage of marijuana in the civilized world. This is despite restrictions and directly a consequence of sophisticated marketting to the young and vulnerable with campaigns identical to those used by big tobacco companies years ago before the community saw the devastation that followed 'legalization' of tobacco.
While the majority of individuals in upper classes with strong supports and financial and medical coverage of the likes of the Truedopes and Flakey Fords can 'experiment' with illicit substances for the titillation of their fans, even remarkable women like Lindsay Lohen and Britney Spears can attest to the devastation of chemical drug addictions like marijuana and other substances.
Marijuania dependence is a chemical addiction and today a principal cause for costly treatment simply because it has so impaired function and dramatically altered personality and emotional stability for so many individuals.
Roughly 10% of those who use alcohol or tobacco or marijuana will encounter significant medical and psychiatric problems with these 'drugs'. While the 'drug pushers' will get the 'profits' and the tobacco companies have shown the citizens of the country will reap the costs of health care consequences of legalization of marijuana. Those who will be most hurt by the increased distribution and business entrepreneurs are the young and marginal, the same groups that were most hurt by tobacco.
When asked no marijjuana smokers wanted their neurosurgeons to be smoking marijuana indicating the awareness of the impairment in function that all marijuania users recognise despite their own denial about their own ability ot 'handle' the effects of an truly 'messy' compound with mixed hallucinogen, stimulant, sedative properties. In comparison with other compounds marijuana stays 'active' in the system long after 'subjective' experience of the effects of marijuana. Impairment in function can last up to a month after smoking of a joint, a truly long 'hangover' compared to the next day effect of alcohol or cigarettes.
All 'safety sensitive' jobs have outlawed marijjuana in the workplace for decades as it is well documented to be a principal cause of workplace accidents and injury.
The medical costs of increased marijuana distribution in the community, ie the tobacconization of marijuania, with 'legalization' will overburden an already desperately stretch health care system. It can be likened to crashing a half dozen jumbo jets in the city and expecting already year long waitlists for medical services to just take up the 'epidemic' that legalization of marijuana would unleash.
Just as physicians and so many other good citizens have dramatically affected the other 'smoke' producers with years of steady effort and work , the same corrupt and morally reprehensible sociopathic business men and their poilitical hacks would have us allowing them to sell a different kind of 'smoke' to the children, the brain injured, the mentally ill and those who are out of work and so easily preyed upon.
Not only should marijuana not be legalized, tobacco should be legally restricted further and the age of drinking should be returned to 21 to stop the widespread death of youth under the influence of alcohol and marijuania when their brains are least capable of tolerating the poisonous effects of intoxication.
What we certainly don't need in this country is for the Dowtown Eastside of Vancouver to be extended widespread. America doesn't need the country turned into the Bowry and we don't need youth across Canada staggering about mid day in the middle of traffic like the zombie population of Vancouver downtown eastside.

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Arnold Brame said...

Marijuana contributed a lot in the workplace accidents lately. According to Health And Safety Training Peterborough, 50% of the accidents take place because of drugs and drinks.

Arnold Brame