Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Halle Berry and The Call

Halle Berry plays Jordan, a 911 operator in Brad Anderson's Thriller Movie, The Call. She is simply sensational.
I remember her first as the Bond Girl Jinx in Die Another Day where she certainly was beautiful as her Miss World Runner Up status would suggest. I loved her in Swordfish but Swordfish was such a over the top movie that it made all the characters larger than life and John Travolta the most memorable of all.
As Storm in the X-Men series she was truly an action figure character. But it really wasn't until Cloud Atlas that I realized what a deep and talented actress she truly was.
The Call that really shows her extraordinary talent for depth and breadth of acting. With this movie she has certainly stepped into the same room as the likes of Jessica Lange, Meryl Streep and Greta Garbot. She is truly a big screen actor. Of course she already has the Academy Award for Best Actress in Monster Ball but that was the Monster Ball. The Call is a whole other genre. The Call is a first order thriller and Halle Berry's is human to the core.
The Call is a movie that Alfred Hitchcock could have written. The direction by Brad Anderson is perfectly timed and paced. Abigail Breslin plays an exceptionally believable Casey Welson the frightened good girl kidnapped by the twisted and terrifying Michael Foster. Michael Eklund's own superb acting is reminiscent of the genius of Hannibal Lecter.
Halle Berry's multifaceted developing character with it's amazing crescendo lifts all the characters to dazzling heights. Richard D'Ovidio's is the story and screenplay writer. It's Hemmingway in simplicity with the finesse of James Patterson. A must see, if only for Halle Berry's acting.

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