Thursday, August 8, 2013

Agenda 21

I just read Glen Beck's  haunting thriller, Agenda 21, written with Harriet Parke.  I innocently picked it up at the grocery store bookstore. I'd been hearing about the United Nations Agenda 21 for a couple of years from concerned friends.
A friend who escaped communism with his family to come live in Canada told me years ago that the communists failure politically wouldn't stop their goal at world domination and control. They would just shift their agenda to the 'environment'.
"Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by governments of the United Nations systems, Governments and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment. "
Everything a human does impacts on the environment.

"at it's core, Agenda 21,  is all about control, control over land , natural resources, and ultimately entire populations. It seeks to control the air (via regulations on carbon emissions), ground (via regulations on 'sustainable develop"), and sea (via environmental regulations).  In that way Agenda 21 is a lot like a war plan".
"Unsurprisingly, the language and objectives of Agenda 21 are the culmination of every Marxist/progressive fantasy developed over the last hundred years. From education to transportation to food and water, there is literally no area of human life that Agenda 21 does not attempt to regulate and control in some way.'
Developing countries will need to receive a 'substantial flow' of resources from the developed world, i.e. America, Canada, Western Europe and Australia.

Personally I've found the ones who like monetary flow best are bankers, lawyers and bureaucrats because then they can take their 'share'.  Governments are clearly, if anything, especially today about 'institutionalized baksheesh'.  The key factor to know about 'foreign aid' is that historically it rarely gets to who it was intended and the majority 'f hand outs' have served to 'enslave people' in comparison to the very programs that have been developed to enfranchise and locally develop self sufficiency and autonomy.
In the Downtown eastside, my local 'third world', the one I got involved with after I worked in the "third world' of Canada's northern Indian reserves.  For every Indian of the so called 'Indian problem' 2 white collar bureaucrats were receiving $100,000 or more to maintain the problem. In the downtown eastside the principle thrust of government investment now is into 'onsite' a hopeless program to maintain drug addicts in drug addiction by providing 'safe' injection sites rather than offering abstinence based therapies which are indeed what the rich and the professional are receiving.
All Marxist countries maintained Lennin's central idea of " dictatorship of the proletariat'.  Communist (big c ) is dictatorship with the leaders having dachas, mistresses, wealth beyond the average man's wildest dreams and the rest lving marginally.
A friend points out that Suzuki is a "privileged" and "elite'  environmentalist whose agenda would be that he maintain his power and dominance while others have their wealth and power redistributed to himself.  There is nothing new in this strategy. Just different names for the same old game.
What it means is that every Canadian, American, Australian and European will have their present assists halved or reduced even more by more taxation, more restriction and more redistrict ion. Apparently this will be for the benefit of other but by history those who take people's money to redistribute it must get their 'half' or 'more' first.  Little of this 'redistribution' 'dribbles' down.  In Canada this was most apparent with the multi millionaire Indian leaders while the majority of Indians went without.
The key word is 'equality'.  This is defined that everyone will have the same regardless of work and goes completely against 'meritocracy' and against human nature or even animal nature since only 'gangsterism' results in these kinds of system where some animals  are more important than others as the great novel "Animal Farm" so richly pointed out.
Political privilege is 'bought and sold' in Marxists countries with a vigour far greater than anything we know in western democracies. I found that Marxist bureaucrats figured they could 'extort' baksheesh for all actions that they did, not just those above and beyond. The corruption in centrally controlled countries is beyond anything we can imagine. We are innocent in comparison.
Now, if you have an apartment anywhere in the west consider that it will be halved and you will be required to pay 2 or 3 x what you are already paying for Agenda 21 to even begin.  If you have a car you can soon expect to have only a bicycle, 2 cars then for sure only one car.  There will be no sacrifice at the top just as the Indian leaders gladly took their million dollar salaries and the drug lords and pushers and government 'harm reduction' 'enablers' in the Downtown Eastside encourage others to reduce their 'share' while they amass more and more power and 'control'. It's all about control. it's all about you having 'control' taken from you by what ever means.
One day you're a farmer with a shot gun to protect you chickens from racoons and next day you are a 'criminal minded' gun owner.  One day you are a student with the belief that education is a 'right' and next day you are indebted for life with a degree that has a shelf life of less than five years.  You are promised health care in Canada but the rich go to private services or utilize the second 'tier' of health care going to the states while the rest are given the 'equality' of government health care 'wait lists' dying in hospital waiting rooms before even being able to see a doctor or nurse.
Das Kapital by Karl Marx has been around for a long time but few read it because it's as offensive and 'wrong' as a literal reading of the Koran, another book that has profound impact but that people don't read.  More know who the Kardasians are than who said 'make them eat cake' and why this is all important economically now.  The 'lies' are immense.  The emperor has no clothes.
Mein Kampf was written by Hitler in 1925 long before the ideas there expoused were acted on.
Now we have Agenda 21 and it behooves everyone to read clearly what it states and translate it's flowery language into the reality for you personally. Everyone reads these 'tracts' as if they are about someone else and the bad stuff will happen to them not us.  Well I've a dog. He's a little guy and his name is Gilbert.  Agenda 21 would not allow me to have a pet. It wouldn't allow me to "own' my sailboat. Indeed it would suggest that I should 'give' my sailboat to the authorities so they could use it for themselves under the auspices of helping environmentally underprivileged folk.
When I studied 'social justice' legislation I was frankly concerned because the model it followed was one of anti-individualism and rabid utilitarianism. This meant that the mediocre and mainstream would be privileged while the marginal truly would be removed as Stalin and Mao solved their problems of 'deviation'.
Environmentalists argue that we need to kill off people by the millions so that their particular 'spotted insect' will survive.  I don't want to die for their ideology and I've found over the years that those who want sacrifice expect others to do it, not themselves.  The United Nations bureaucrats who penned Agenda 21 were the most privileged people in their social spheres and their nations.  Having a position in the United Nations is even more lucrative and powerful and important than being an aid in Ottawa or  Washington. I'm not sure I want any more of these people telling me how I should be their slave and do as they say. Historically, these 'kind' of people are all about 'control' because they are so out of control themselves.
Freud said, late, very late indeed, only as he was being rescued and his friends, all less important than him, went on to die in concentration camps, "maybe the paranoids are right'.
Check out Agenda 21 and see if you like working twice as hard for twice as long for a tenth of what you receive now having all your 'stuff' redistributed to others whose only fault really was they weren't born in Canada or the United states and were brought up in corrupt countries which imprison, kill, shame or restrict anyone but a very few.  America was once the country with greatest potential of upward social mobility and the greatest social mobility in general i.e. FREEDOM.  It's a moot point.  Gangsters in Russia and China and Columbia drug lords are looking even better than Hollywood movie moguls.
But I may be wrong.  Government especially big government, and especially World Government probably is thinking out for me and wants what's best for me and will take care of me, my family, my dog, my money and my assets better than I can. That's been the history of governments since the Roman Empire, the Nazis and the Communists and everywhere until the idea of 'laissez fare' came along and people generally developed a 'healthy' concern about 'government' .  Indeed they actually had a 'magna carta' to question the 'divine right' of government and today it might be wise to consider Agenda 21 as it will cost you personally. It's written in almost as nice a way as Mein Kampf.
So lets just have a group hug and trust the environmentalist Marxists, alright. Especially you boys and girls.  Maybe if you smoke enough marijuana too it will all be okay.
Democracy isn't as important as 'spotted owls' ,is it?

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