Monday, August 12, 2013

Gilbert Reunion

Gilbert is my cockapoo companion. He would have come to Sturges on the Harley Motorcycle but he's only gone to Harrison Hot Springs and back. I figured it would be too much for him in the heat for hours too. When we discussed it at length over many nights he concluded it would  be better if he stayed with Joanne and her girl dog, Kyubi (I never get the spelling right on his exotic girlfriends).  He was really glad to see me as the barking and running about in circles would tend to suggest he recognized "his human" even after a couple of weeks.
Today we had to pick up the truck from Hannah so we rode the motorcycle over to her place to exchange that for the truck  Gilbert was ecstatic to see Hannah and her exotic girl dog.  He was wearing his "Born to Ride" faux leather jacket. Very dapper dog!IMG 3525IMG 3523

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