Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sorrento Hotel, Seattle

The trip down the I5 to Seattle with Gilbert in the Mazda Miata was a spur of the moment decision. I had no reservations for Seattle. When I arrived in the city a terrible downpour struck. I didn't like driving lost in a dark deluge and city traffick and pedestrians.

I'd stayed at the Silver Cloud on Capitol Hill and liked it very much so headed there on chance. Unfortunatelly,they are not 'pet friendly' but they did recommend the Sorrento Hotel a block a way.

It was spectacular. An old hotel that's been there over a hundred years ,it was thoroughly delightful. The front desk was extremely solicitous and very caring for Gilbert. This is definitely a pet friendly hotel. Given the fuss made over Gilbert by everyone, I was just lucky he decided to bring his human along. I was able to get a special rate and upgrade to a suite too which was very nice. In for a penny, in for a pound, I took the valet parking as well. 24 hours and very professional service.

In the evening I had coffee and cake in the downstairs jazz lounge where a French artist was singing to a full and appreciative house. I took Gilbert for a walk in the area and we met other dogs and owners doing the same. The rain had thankfully stopped.

Later Neighbours was still a hopping avant garde night club. Having left Gilbert in the car. I only poked my head in. I'm sure I would have been the oldest person there if I'd stayed. How did I not notice this when we were there a decade or so ago. Gilbert much preferred pizza and a movie and frankly I've lost the Saturday Night Fever. It's hard to believe I once had breakfast before going to bed.

The Sorrento really was a lovely change from all the roughing it in sail boats and RV's, sailing, hiking, camping and hunting. A touch of luxury is seriously good for the soul. I remember reading of a holiday tour offering 'riding the rails' and 'living with bums' and "eating beans out of a can over a campfire." I expect if I stayed at the Sorrento long enough I'd look at something like that for a 'contrasting change of pace." As it is I much prefer the elegance and old worldliness of the Sorrento Hotel as a home away from home. The staff did so much to make it that way. Gilbert loved his stay.

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