Monday, October 8, 2012

Ontario Autumn

The deciduous forest seems more prevalent in Ontario when I visit from British Columbia. We're a province of ever greens mostly in comparison. "Mom missed the reds of maples in autumn when we moved to Winnipeg," my brother tells me underlining our unique experience of our parents. I didn't know of Mom's love of the maples of her childhood Ontario. I'm living even further west where I love the evergreen of the Douglas fir. Here in Kanata "green space" in autumn I do love the glorious red of the maple leaves. We have the yellows of willow out west but the trees and landscape are so different to me that I feel slightly askew as if I'm on a different planet. The sun is the same though. It's not like there's two great yellow orbs in the sky. But it's flat here too. I'm much more used to the contours and cordoroy of the Western mountains. The landscape is more civilized and less wilderness wild having known the touch of man en mass for so many years longer. I remember England where the parks were so manicured, trees and shrubs shaped and tailored. When my brother and I take Gilbert the dog for a walk in the woods there are actual trails and signposts like I'd see in Vancouver's Stanley Park. Admittedly there are well laid out trails in the west but they don't seem as 'worn' by human passage. I love the difference and celebrate the remarkable diversity I know this land of Canada has. Like Mom now ,I do appreciate the red of the maple. It's definitely Ontario.

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