Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Westjet Cockapoo

Gilbert is upset when people call him a 'jet setter'. He's a 'jet cockapoo'!
He's made several flights across Canada with Westjet. First he travelled "economy" in a hard kennel in the bowels of the airplane but later
upgraded to a Petsmart soft carry on kennel sharing a cabin with humans. He fit quite nicely under the seat in front of his master. His latest return flight was between Vancouver and Ottawa with stop over in Toronto.
However, he would have liked a little space turf and hydrant in the Toronto terminal so he could have a pee and sniff without going through security again. After that he would have preferred a private club kennel with some frisky poodles. An airport doggie bar with cookies and meat drinks would have done just fine too. In the flight he did enjoy the Westjet beef jerky treat and had bottled Canadian spring water in a Tim Horton soup bowl. His master was especially attentive and he liked that. Westjet provides the best services a 'jet cockapoo' could want.

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Anne Lindsay said...

It is nice to hear something good about airlines for a change. Too often now air travel is a de-humanizing experience. Kudos to Westjet for welcoming Gilbert on board! Happy Travels Gilbert!