Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner with Graeme

Ron and Adell's oldest son, Graeme, just moved to a new townhouse. He's an engineer "but" offered to have the family Thanksgiving dinner this year. He'd just moved in and hadn't acquired a couch. Apparently he'd never used the oven so when he did it hadn't been cleaned properly. The place filled with smoke. Despite this when guests arrived this evening the food was all prepared and there was seating enough for everyone.
Ron and I had walked the dog in the nearby park enjoying the autumn colours, taking pictures along the trail. Gilbert had a great run.
When we returned Gilbert's arrival was a real ice breaker.
Dip and chips and living room conversation was followed by a call to the table. A truly lovely spread. Adell had helped at the last minute. Velma said grace and we all settled into the turkey.
Mel and Asha, Alan's roommates are attending university with him. Very bright young women they spoke about oceans, science and matters ecolological. Graeme and Andrew reminisced about science professors sharing several anecdotes. The conversation was fine despite the distraction of the great food, turkey, yam, devilled eggs, scallop potatoes, stuffing, gravy, salad, the works. After we had fruit and apple and pumpkin pies with tea and coffee. It was the whole shebang and Graeme did well. Andrew was present but we missed Tanya. Erica had come up from the US to visit with Alan
The guests were all a delight . I was a bit glum being controversial about matters of science, reporting and funding, realizing only too late I'd been less than 'thanksgiving'. The young people did play a game of pictograph to uproarious laughter while I discussed Christianity with Velma and sister, Melvine. Velma had been reading about the history of the Tyndale Bible and shared fascinating stuff about King Henry and Anne Bolyn. Earlier Ron and I had a chance to share stories about family.
I guess I missed Dad. Dad and Mom would have loved to have seen Graeme's place and been there for the fine dinner their grandson prepared. I'm grateful I was.

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