Monday, October 15, 2012

Hunting Mule Deer - Merritt

Tom and I were out hunting in the Merritt BC area. A windy autumn day with all the reason for a mule deer to walk before the sights of my rifle. I was sitting in ambush or hiking all over God's half acre stalking through big timber or climbing tumbleweed hills in hope of seeing a buck. Two had passed in front of us in the dark as we drove up into the hills. Tom's hunting license is up for renewal so he was along as driver and packer this trip. Sometimes Gilbert hung out with Tom, other times he came along with me. No deer showed themselves and the two grouse we saw got away much to Gilbert's chagrin and disappointment in me as he was more than ready to find me a wounded bird. As he pointed out to me when the bird I missed shooting because my safety was on, he didn't have wings to fly after the bird which is probably still in flight.

It still was a glorious weekend with the colours splendid and lots of exercise and fun exploring 4x4ing in the back country.

Moonshadow RV was a great place to stay in Merritt. Elizabeth has a new puppy Takota who either barked at Gilbert as a tough puppy or hid behind Elizabeth's legs. I was glad to get the RV down the Coquahala before the weather sets in. Moonshadow RV is open year round but the Coquahala can be icy before the snow gets packed and I've had no experience pulling a trailer in winter road conditions. I'd have loved to leave the Rockwood Mini Lite at Moonshadow RV for the winter and make excursions up there all year. The off season rates are fantastic and it's such a safe and well managed site I'd really enjoy having a winter destination for cross country skiing and ski dooing. Merritt is an all year round outdoor tourist destination with lots of attractions. I'm looking forward to coming up for fishing in the early spring and can't wait for the Rodeo.

The trip down Coquahala despite high winds was uneventful. The first time I drove in the high country in high winds I was terrified but now that I know the RV and truck aren't going to be lifted into the air it's just a bit of trial. I went through the same learning curve driving on the motorcycle in high winds. So here I'd worried for nothing.

Tom and I enjoyed becoming part of a cattle round up in the backwoods, theroad was blocked by cattle and the cowboys said we could 'just punched our way through and they'd move.' It turned out that they wanted us to do this because the truck got the cattle moving and soon we were part of the round up moving the cattle along the road for a mile or two. Gilbert and Cowboy Tom and I thought this was terrific . The cows were not amused.

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