Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jesus was an angry man

Jesus was an angry man
Throwing money lenders out of the temple
Casting out demons.
As was St. Peter, crucified upside down
By Nero, the arsonist of Rome, who laughing
Blamed and crucified Christians.
Moses was angry, especially on tour,
Indeed he smashed God's writing.
Had he not, we might have had more godly laws.

St. Joan of Arc was a very angry woman
Or so the English thought,
That cad Cauchon burning her at the stake.
Martin Luther was surely an angry man
When he confronted the indulgence salesmen,
As was Kierkegaard speaking of the self satisfied
Dutch Christians of his day.
Abraham Lincoln, John A. Macdonald, Winston Churchill,
General Patton, JFK,Margaret Thatcher, Pope Paul John II,
And George Bush and Hillary Clinton
Were all angry men and women.
Adolf Hitler so preferred Chamberlain
A thoroughly easy going fellow.
The enemies of all these angry men and women
Thought they needed "anger management"
And would prefer them medicated,
Like Dean Martin or Cheech and Chong,
"Give them bread and circuses!" (or Playstations.)

Without anger there is no passion, peace or safety
As the Monks of Ireland learned from the Vikings,
And the Buddhists of Tibet
Learned from the Communists of China.
Of course we are all praying for the success of the Mars Rover,
But in the meantime.
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
Is for good people to do nothing."
Thank you God for angry men and women.

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