Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Up Lord

Up Lord is an expression used in the Psalms. It speaks to the spark within us and calls upon God to join in the battle. I imagine a commander calling to his troops, "UP". I think of a falcon whose blindfold is removed as the bird is called upon to hunt.

"Up, Lord, confront him, and cast him down; deliver my soul from the ungodly by thy sword;" - psalm 17

The relationship here is one of companion warriors, a commander speaking to another commander, a commander to a sgte, a sgte to his captain, two infantry men about to go over the wall of the trench they have taken shelter in.

I cannot imagine commanding God but I recall commanding my parents as a wee child. The relationship that the psalmist has with God is so diverse and fertile it literally boggles my mind.

I call up on God in trials. I am to pray unceasingly. I sing praise and rejoice, count my blessings and express gratitude when life goes well just as I turn to God when I am fearful, frustrated, tired, or angry at the godless and stupid resistances of this world.

That is the message of the Bible. Turn first to God, be not afraid. Do not wallow in self pity or fear or rage. Avoid most complacency. Smugness is to be abhorred. I seek The Lord daily. I want to know the miraculous and live in a life of the sacred. I would practice the presence of The Lord hourly.

So often I forget and I find I've lost my faith or been made weary by the trials of this world. Then I pray and turn my face to The Lord and sooner than later there is Jesus at my side. I am sheltered by the wings of eagles.

Today I say, "Up, Lord!" Together, let us continue on this journey.

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