Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Hotel Room

It's another hotel room. So many have come and gone before. This time I'm with Gilbert. Other times I've been alone. At first I found them exotic places I first went with family, crowded, then, the 4 of us, sometimes with an aunt and a dog along. Motel rooms travelling with cars across the vast Canadian countryside, east or west. Later I'd follow in my parents footsteps hitchhiking, hiking, bicycling, driving, sailing ,flying around the world and always arriving in a different hotel room, mostly just the same. There have been basic rooms and luxury rooms and rooms with a hole in the floor toilet down the hall. I've had single beds, queen beds and kings beds and bed bugs the size of mice that came on other nights. There have been noises of nearby family, thin walls with lovers head boards banging half the night, or quietude. Later there'd be solitude and loneliness in hotel rooms. I'd hate them for taking me away from love and home when they were so associated with work and study. But now they're a holiday. I love the hotel vacation with Gilbert. A break from boat living with endless hot running shower water, flush toilet, no drafts, heat, wide screen 'still at the movies' service tv, and room service. I watched a great science fiction movie, Prometheus, about search for aliens that visitted earth millenial past with matching dna. I swam in the heated hotel pool. This Bellingham Holiday Inn Express is really quite deluxe. There's a dog walk area for Gilbert with bags for picking up. He woke me at 7 am licking my face to remind about it. I'm up drinking hotel coffee thinking some day soon they'll have expresso in the room. There's a petit dejeurne in the lobby. I'm sure the coffee there is more portant. I could get a croissant. Gilbert would gladly have his morning walk sooner. But if I shower and dress I could load up the car in one trip and walk him then. I've psalms to read, prayers and meditation. There's no rush. No work this Saturday morning. A day of leisure driving down the I5 touristing and another hotel room perhaps this evening. I could even return. I love the lack of agenda. I have a cell phone and satellite phone and am connected to internet so can receive emails and follow up on messages but it's not emergency call. It's consultant call so much less urgent and hair raising as the years of immediate call. Sure someone may want to talk to me about medications or suicidal thoughts but there are first line services nearby and I'm only a secondary consideration or on call to those who are manning the leaking dikes of the health care service deluge. Still I'm never not working these days but it's so much easier than it was before. I slept without nightmares and woke feeling lighter laughing with Gilbert teddy bear tail shaking body squirming all over my head. He just growled at someone passing in the hall. Such a big ferocious sound from such a little dog. Well it's another hotel room. This time I'm really pleased. I'd better get on with my day. There's nowhere I'm really going too. I've got my camera. There be little stores to explore, dog walks and coffee shops where I'll be able to read or write. I love driving the Miata almost as much as the Harley. Even though it's autumn it's still warm enough if it doesn't rain to have the top down. The Washington State scenery on the side roads off the I5 is always something to behold. I love the little towns. So I guess it's time to move along. Another hotel room soon to be left behind.

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