Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dickinson Diesel Stove

The autumn chill got to me. As usual this time of the year I was already using the electric heater. The dock supply limits the power one can draw. Alone the electric heater is no longer enough. As the temperature dropped I'd added a small propane camp stove heater to the galley. Then I added low draw electric blankets but the draft and chill in the evening lying on the couch reading finally got to me. I don't like to be bundled in sweaters and socks at home. I'm not English despite my Scottish heritage. I spent too much time in the tropics to want to live clothed indoors. Now the ace in the hole Dickinson Diesel Stove, Newport design, has come into play. I lit it up this week and have been gloriously toasty. The thing has alone kept me warm in here when there was snow on the deck. I've lost some insullation to repairs below so I'll see if it remains sufficient but for now it's magnificently warm in here. I'm truly blessed in the Sailing Vessel, Giri, with the comforts of heat, water and fuel in tanks, groceries, stove, head and of course the dog, Gilbert. The ecofan that sits on the stove working off the rising heat is a sweet addition, as well.

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