Monday, October 15, 2012

Cattle Round Up - Merritt BC

Tom, Gilbert and I were hunting in the backcountry around Merritt, BC when the Ford F350 Harley Davidson Edition truck got involved in a cattle round up. First we encountered a road clogged with cows moving down it. The cowboy with his trusty dog asked us if we could just follow them slowly as he wanted them to go down the road to where they were being round up. We did as asked them till we came to a large herd blocking the road. I got out and approached the cowboys and cowgirl asking if there was a way around. "Maybe," he said, "But you can just go punched on through them and they'll move out of your way." When we did that the whole herd moved a head of us through the cattle grid with the cowboys smiling widely as the herd began to run ahead and along side us. It was a mile or two before we got free. So we were a part of this year's cattle round. Cowboy Tom, Cowdog Gilbert, the Ford Truck and me!

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