Monday, March 28, 2011

CBC - Communist Broadcasting Corporation

Canadian media has historically been left of central for decades.  I had hoped this was changing with the CBC.   This morning I listened CBC for the 3/4 drive to work hearing the news and morning coverage. Conservative leader Steven Harper had just visitted Vancouver. So had NDP Michael Layton.  Normally good news coverage will be provided for those present.  This was not the case.  Ignatieff, the pro Quebecois, Liberal leader was given more time than either Harper or Layton or perhaps even Harper and Layton together.  Pathetic!  If this is a harbinger of the national radio's coverage of this election then really I don't think we as Canadians should have to pay for this.  Bias is often subtle and contrived as such.  A strong soundbite from one leader is coupled with a weak one from another ignoring the two equally powerful statements that could have been chosen. We really have to watch our media carefully.  Admittedly my 'sample' this morning was 3/4 of an hour but historically the CBC was grossly offensive in its anti- West, pro liberal bias.  The Conservatives actually cut the CBC budget because it was so irrelevant nationally and wholly Toronto and Montreal focussed.  Now we're likely at risk of seeing 'payback'.  I'm not impressed.

Someone needs to seriously monitor media coverage of this election.  The media blocked Fox News but said nothing about the Toronto-Montreal rag Globe and Mail claiming national status.

Today I was just disappointed.  Hopefully I'm wrong. Hopefully Canadians won't have to settle for the kind of Propaganda that has citizens around the world wanting 'democracy' which implies 'freedom of speech'. But where is there 'freedom of speech' and 'free media' when the media is wholly controlled by a special interest group.

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scott said...

yes. a speacial interest6 group indeed.....who sit behind the cameras and the politicians.
the CBC is controlled by the gouvernment of Canada and this wreaks of communism.....simply because it is communism.
Canadians are finally waking up to right v.s. left politics.
very few Canadians understood the difference between socialism and conservatism a decade ago.
very few understand who controls the left.....and that the left is socialism.....and socialism is communism.
canada just may be one of the most communist countries on earth today.....and yet Canadians still love their free health care and welfare state that keeps them poor and in dept.
theres a reason Americans wernt stupid enough to let Obama create free health care for would break them!
and its broken us.
Canada is right up against the wall finacially.....but the CBC calls it a boom.....a boom when working Canadians have to go to food banks?????
that isnt a boom its a bloody depression.....wake up Canada!