Monday, March 7, 2011

Genetics of Leadership

Jesus was said to be descended from David. This was given great importance but the claim is rather tenuous and frankly manipulated. The whole of Jesus' ministry too was that the lowest was highest in the eyes of God. He was from Nazareth, the bumpkin country boy to the great Jerusalem. In Jewish tradition of the day much as in Egypt, the Levites were the privileged class. So if you were born a Levite, like those born Brahman in India you were 'God's chosen'. The Caesar, even Nero and certainly Caligula claimed the same.
The idea of God's chosen was a way of strengthening the throne and entrenching the power in a blood line or family. Eastern depotism has used this till today. In Buddhist and Hindu traditions the leader is a product of many reincarnations and ultimately secular and religious authority are wed in the being of someone like the Dalai Lama. Question the authorities and you are questioning God.
The separation of religion and state was one of the cornerstones of democracy because "meritocracy", the very basis of democracy, made no sense if "God's Chosen" were overlooked for the likes of Abraham Lincoln.
In the middle east today Ghaddafi and Mubarek were preparing dynasties. In Canada the closest thing to a dynasty we have is Justin Troudeau, the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott. This however is no different than Jakob Dylan following in the family business of his singer songwriter father Bob Dylan. Neither Pierre Elliott or Bob are likely to argue that their children rule as 'God's Chosen'.
It follows that Jesus is the son of God. Yet his "blood" in the sense of DNA keeps coming up as perhaps being like a 'racehorse's blood'. If only I could get a little of the material blood of Jesus I could rule the world and make miracles, says the materialist.
Yet Jesus came to declare that God was all and that believing in him would lead to one being a son of God whether adopted or not to put the evangelical distinctions on that matter. Peter, whose heritage we don't know of, actually walked on water. The matter was 'faith' not birth. If I have faith like a mustard seed I can move a mountain.
There is inherrent in this Christianity the idea of 'works', that is, meritocracy. I am to pray, study the bible, do good works and be ready to be used by God in God's design. DNA testing says we're all descended from an African cavewoman. So much for all that race horse lineage stuff of the Old Testament. Further God is seeking me as I am seeking God. There's a kind of mirroring in the faith and works equation.

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