Thursday, March 10, 2011

Skepticism and Deception

The leading feminist speaker at the Harvard "Take Back the Night" rallies turned out to not be the raped, underpriviledged woman, living in poverty as she claimed. She was the daughter of extremly wealthy family and when investigated because of the increasing 'extraordinariness' of her claims, it turned out she'd never been raped.  She was one of those who had no difficulty with deception and was glad to have the adulation that she received for 'daring to speak her truth'.
My detective friend told me one day he'd been videotaping a school that had set up in Vancouver.   Advertising internationally, it was training men and women how to jump in front of cars with 'minimal injury' for maximum insurance claims.  My friend said, "Now you know why your car insurance payments are so high."
Sitting in an outside a Denman cafe with my Scotty dog Stuart tied to a tree a few yards away, we watched and listened as a woman told her 5 or 6 year old son to poke the dog. "Poke him," she said. "Get him to bite you".   I intervened saving my dog from this psychopathic predator.
A number of Rabbis were caught last year in a huge money laundering and theft crime in the Eastern USA.  Immediately there were cries of "anti-semiticism" .  The Rabbis were taken away handcuffed on the television. My friend said, "If Vancouver's pig farmer serial female murderer was Jewish, the same group would have cried anti semiticism".
"Whatever happened to perjury?" I asked the lawyer.  "The judges today seem to think it's their job to sort out one person's 'truth' from another person's. They say everyone lies in court."  I was shocked because I was brought up to believe that compulsive lying invalidated what came next.  Just like the story of the boy who screamed "the sky's falling".  Yet the legal system seems increasingly to run on the 'lie, lie, lie, deny, deny, deny' principle that also seems to permeate politics.
When doctors failed their medical exams at the University of Toronto, those students claimed discrimination and were passed . This caused a friend to say, "I don't want to ever have a University of Toronto doctor operating on me. He might know nothing about surgery and only how to cover up his mistakes legally or politically".
Working in the jails, everyone says they're innoscent.
The industry for "Victimship" and the reward for claiming that "somebody else's fault" has never had such potential value. This has been termed "secondary gain" at times to explain why a person might have an illness or sickness or even disability or claim such a thing when it wasn't apparent.
The problem with deception is that it ultimately leads to skepticism.  Today because of constant claims of 'victimship' by every group and individual, there's a consequent 'skepticism' in society. It's not that people are 'hard' or 'don't care' or 'don't want to help'.  It's just that they've been lied to maybe one too many times.
We've all heard the pan handler drug addict insist he needs money for 'food' but the fact is if we give him money we're fueling his addiction and paying for criminals in the neighbourhood.
There's a healthy skepticism.  It follows the deception of others and it's associated with a true desire to help those who are truly 'needy' or "truly discriminated against' not the liars, sociopaths, shirkers, or wolves in sheep's clothing.

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