Sunday, March 6, 2011

Night at the Museum, Chilliwack Rotarian Gala

The Rotarian organizations of Chilliwack rented the Evergreen Hall in Chilliwack for a Gala Fundraiser on behalf of the Salvation Army food banks. The theme was Night at the Museum with invitation for everyone to come in costume as their favourite person from the age of rock.  Simon was the MC starting the show off by playing his television video on the merits of Chilliwack. There are indeed many.  The audience, being mostly from Chilliwack, loved this.  Different groups had obviously had too much fun in their basements and  putting together dance skits. These were hilarious. The prize for this went to a group of Slavic dancers with matching costumes and short swords aimed at the judges.  The best costume went to a group of nuns with a little insider help from a local anglican minister and deacon.  Our friend Lorne, a major fan of Rotarian community service  convinced us to come. We were thankful he did.  Dr. Strangelove, the band, were so good that I'm nearly crippled this morning. Truly a band that makes you feel much younger than you are and act like an idiot as well. 
I 'won' a night at the Harrison Resort for 2 and an electric outboard. Judith beat out the competition for an amazing hand made quilt.   All the money goes to the Salvation Army who do great work wherever they serve.  Local restaurants had contributed by providing the most delicious au d'oeves, so plentiful we were turning them away having not even had dinner before we came.  Chilliwack is a city of fine dining for sure. What a taste experience.  I mostly liked the servers who buzzed about on roller blades contributing to the fun. Fun it was.  Judith and Laura in the end took with with a space cadet near a life sized statue of Marilyn.Thank you,  Lorne and the Rotarians. 

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