Thursday, March 17, 2011


Was Kennedy shot because he demanded greater "freedom and independence' for Americans?  He spoke against the backrooms dealing in politics.  He argued for accountability and what today is called transparency.  Eisenhauer said that the military industrial complex was essentially self serving and a threat to the world.  The reason there are 'Conspiracy Theories' is because the world appears to be run by various 'conspiracy'.  People who are 'faceless' can be much more sadistic and cruel.  Obfuscation and 'muddying the waters' is the business of politics and legal dealings.  "Plain language' movements are countered by invested interests which would use ambiguous and archaic language to protect special interests.
It's all very taxing.  One so longs for the 'straight shooter', and 'true blood', an 'honest man, a 'righteous woman'.  Yet an argument has been made that the reason for man's 'large brain' is the increased capacity for subterfuge.  Man didn't approach his competitors in hunting gathering days saying "Pardon me, Mr Lion, I'd like to eat you?"  "Do you mind Mr. Bear if I just move in here and take the salmon you intended for yourself."  Man has succeeded through ambush and disguise and camouflage.
No doubt there are a few families who have like the dynasties of royalty the world over attempted to keep power to themselves and their inbred dubious offspring.  Genetics has not served these rulers well.  Yet, these families naturally would through every means entrench their power and wealth.  One of the common means of street gangs is to require each new member to murder.  The evidence of this is kept against the individual forgetting their allegiance to the gang.  Naturally the leadership of the world might use something similiar.  One imagines a five year old in a photo album having sex with the nanny before being forced or encouraged to fork out their eyes.  It's not a pleasant image but certainly would discourage disloyalty at any later date.  There is always the carrot and the stick.  One actually hopes that the ruling families would be able to spoil their young sufficiently to have them want to remain in power for the sake of multiple sex partners, drugs and lear jets.  The secrets are always the hidden prisons and the tortures and the nasty stuff of our collective animalistic pasts.
A british prime minister said, "I don't need you're loyalty when I'm right, I need it when I'm wrong."   Loyalty is what dynasty and conspiracy are about.  The existing political systems seems to promote 'unholy alliances' and 'politics makes strange bedfellows'.
Electoral reform or ER is one of the many revamping of the pleasant sounding 'platitude' called 'democracy'.  Politics is about the 'least ugly' and not now about the 'best'.  Democracy, even the unfed, unwatered, dying variety that exists today is better than all but the benign dictatorships.
The question which matters like 'wickileaks' and 'communication technologies' that make literally everyone open to surveillance at all times is, can any existing political structure survive the post modern age.  The question of 'transparency' is that today only the wealthiest and most powerful can 'afford' privacy.  Therefore, the demand for transparency levels the playing field.  Blacks faced with social workers studying their lives on the streets said 'we can't study the white because they hide everything in side.'  The violence of the ruling class in indirect, one removed, concealed.
The move to transparency has been powerful in academic circles where 'conflict of interest' has resulted in each lecturer being required to declare any financial support their presentation or research might be receiving.
The population is more sophisticated.  It demands openess. American Supreme court judge nominees were questioned on their taste in videos based on the publically available rental slips.  Profilers how can demonstrate individuals patterns of spending from Visa and Mastercard receipts.  Recent 'security' breaches of government and financial structures have been occurring to different levels by hackers 'apparently working for Chinese military sources'.
Since only the very rich can truly afford 'privacy' and 'security' the argument then is for greater 'transparency'.  But wouldn't it be just as easy to buy video store receipts and use the corporate outsourced visa for rendezvous with coke dealers, arms dealers and prostitutes.
It's become an Emperor's Wife scenario with everyone increasingly 'guilty until proven innoscent' . There is always some 'soft law' on the books that can carry 'hard time'.  The leadership have always had powerful discretionary authority. Treason remains the greatest offence.
So doesn't 'transparency' have any real benefit or is it a more sophisticated 'cover up'.  The argument for leadership is that perhaps the most powerful should be leader and that making it easier to take power from these ruling conspiracies will dilute the 'gene pool'.
In the meantime , transparency is an interesting 'fashion' and 'buzz'.

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