Thursday, March 24, 2011

CBC Radio

I love CBC Radio.  A few years back we all called it 'Communist Broadcasting Corporation". It was that left of centre. No more.   All media today is at risk of being propaganda. It can't help it given the amount of money that backs mainstream information.  The Globe and Mail is ultra Liberal . The National Post is Conservative.  Despite this, all Canadian media seems fairly centrist. Nothing 'politically incorrect' dares to get by the all pervasive "information police".    Possibly the shake up over government funding a few years back forced it out of it's beaurocratic self serving irrelevance.  Whatever the cause I'm back to enjoying CBC like I did when Barbara Frum had me looking forward after work CBC like a kid looks forward to after school  comics.   CBC radio was a mainstay of information for the north and I depended on it when I worked out in the wilderness.  Today it again supplies  amazingly good news coverage.  I'm really partial to BBC over CNN.  CBC news can now be counted on as being more often than not better than anything south of the border.  There's a thoughtfulness that goes into programming. It's Canadian and superior in a way Canadian can be when it tries.  It's balanced. It sounds like the old Winnipeg Free Press before it lost it's independence.

CBC music has always been great. It's like PBS in that regard giving us a real spread of the finest.  Listen to mainstream radio music and it's all MacMusic.  CBC has always provided those artists that have a bit more depth than the Monkeys and Biebers of the world.  CBC is thankfully not American Idol.  I still love the classical offerings. Art and Science are more resistant to propaganda than News.  I'm glad that I tune into CBC news again these days.

Driving to work in the morning I really enjoy Anna Maria Tremonti.  What a terrific voice and personality.  If there's a war she can be our Tokyo Rose. No enemy of Canada could resist deserting to our side upon hearing Anna Marie Tremonti.  Thank you CBC.

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