Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CBC Radio - Complete Broadcasting Corporation

I listened  to the CBC on the way to work today.  Damn, if they didn't give better election coverage. They even present Green Party May well
There was a fascinating discussion of the demographics of family.  The Conservatives are offering tax breaks while the liberals want to give money a billion to college tuition and I'm not quite sure what NDP wanted but it sounded like more for poor families.
The message was that the family in Canada is really diversified. 75% of 2 parent families are both working and something like 70% of sing parents are  working.  Tax cuts to all those working and trying to raise kids would be a real break.  Lower class kids wouldn't benefit from university tuition though the upper class kids would enjoy this. What was significant in the discussion was that single parents who were not working had a lot of time to do a lot of things that working parents had to pay a great deal to achieve. Time is money.  Despite my not really getting a clear idea of whatg the NDP were offering that was new it was clear that all political parties cared for children and the future.  Further it was also clear that politicians were listening to the  specialists in this area. The Conservative Government had indeed based their proposal on the institute that studied family costs, taxation and demographics.
CBC was very  informative. There's still hope for the media.

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