Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oak Animal Hospital

Gilbert had diarrhea and fever. It persisted for a couple of days. Dr. Christine Ong is Gilbert's vet. He's got a thing for her because she's so beautiful and intelligent. Even when she hurts him putting chips under his skin so he can always be found, he knows she loves guys like him. He's vet pet. Oak Animal Hospital, 3887 Oak Street Vancouver (604-739-7111) takes vet appointments till 10:30pm. Amanda, the receptionist played with Gilbert till Dr.Ong was ready to see him. He forgave for giving him his rabies shots. He licked ears for her just to show he cares.She was detailed and thorough in her exam of the little guy. She made the diagnosis and prescribed the treatment. I was comforted and encouraged. Gilbert liked visiting Dr. Christine Ong. Gilbert doesn't know that Laura is hiding medicine in the raspberry jam she's giving him. He's already getting better and I'm even relaxed. Thanks Oak Animal Hospital.

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