Thursday, October 28, 2010

AARP Bulletin

I was just reading the AARP Bulletin. It's for people in the US over 50. I'm over 50 in Canada. I downloaded the app for free to my Iphone. Great article on Alzheimer's. Turns out the plaques people see on the brain may well be scabs, indicating the brain healing. That's because a scientist has a mouse with Alzheimers. Interesting.
Then the epidemiological data that showed that our group will double in a matter of years was interesting. The problem is that fewer well workers will support an older population. This keeps coming up because increasingly the young come from cultures that didn't share national security ideals but felt it to be a family responsibility. That wasn't in the article but is a concern as right now old age pension and such depend upon taxes. The article did say that given less workers and more older dependents there was a need to rethink how the old would survive. The article didn't mention that the healthy, young and well and those older ones who feel guilty about being a burden are all big on euthanasia too. I used to think people over 30 should just self emolate for fashion sake.
But would euthanasia be what Bill Gates chose at 100. I don't see the Queens and Kings lining up for this.
Then the AARP got into all the politics of American law and health care and insurance and lost me. I liked the article on the cheap hearing aid. I thought maybe I'd get one not because I was deaf but I wouldn't mind snooping at the coffee shop, adding a whole new dimension to people watching.
Then it got into how to save money on burial plots and I thought maybe I'd had enough AARP.
It's definitely a good read. But right now I find all I want to know about burial plots in the literary section of the Globe and Mail.

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