Monday, October 11, 2010

Hotel Mondial,Best Western Hotel, Rome

The Hotel Mondial, Best Western Hotel in Republicca District of Rome is the most remarkable hotel. It's proximal to everything. It's near the main station but just far enough away to be out of the hustle and bustle that surrounds that. A block away is a main shopping district. One of the truly great basilicas, Santa Maria Maggiore is a few blocks walking distance.  It was a little farther but we've walked to the Colloseum and the Spanish Steps from this hotel. The room is everything one could wish for in modern elegant hotel rooms.  Lots of plugs for computers.  A washroom with both bath and bidet and even a rack for drying washed delicates.  Lots of closet room. Really large comfortable room. Internet connection at a cost.  The whole was about 150 euro a day.  This is cheap by Rome standards unless you get further out or drop considerably in safety and refinement. I left my computer and Ipad with the desk daily, used the in room safe, but left cameras and other valuables out in the room without anything going missing. The staff spoke English and Italian. They were amazing with all kinds of information about what was available.  I asked for help with travel, shopping and locations and all their recommendations were the best. They even pointed me to the Vespa rental service and we had a great day surviving traffic on a motorcycle. The Vatican was 4 subway stops, Ottavia, up from the Republicca stop at the Metro station 2 blocks short walk. Tickets for the metro were available from the newspaper salesman at the top of the stairs to the metro.  1 Euro.  Having a metro so close was such a convenience though we travelled by traffic alot and just used Basilica Maggiore as a reference for the cabbies.  We were actually next to the Opera Theatre. There was an amazing ice cream shop 2 doors down and the restaurant next door served both fabulous pasta and great roasts.  Everywhere in Rome the coffee was the best.  Hotel Mondial made our pilgrimage and trip to Rome and the Vatican a thorough joy. The cleaning staff did a daily great job.  Bellhops were quick and ready to help with luggage.  We felt pampered.  We didn't use the satellite tv but it was there.  I liked the air conditioning and in room coffee.  It was like home or what I'd like in a home away from home.  Just 'perfecto'!

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