Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Milan Italy - First Impressions

British Airways flight from London was excellent with safety and service. Given that there was an Underground Strike the morning we left it was a delight to check in after taking the Double Decker bus to Victoria Station where we caught the coach bus to Heathrow. The roads were jammed and other travelers were doing what we were so lineups and chaos were everywhere. That all stopped at the British Airways desk where everyone was professional and helpful.

Milan airport was terrific. Customs and luggage went off without a hitch. Then the airport cappuccino was the best. I'd dropped my itinerary and the military security were helpful directing me to lost and found. Later British Airways would phone to say they had my tickets to Rome and would hold till I returned. My assistant, Aim was thoughtful enough to keep an itinerary duplicate and sent this off to my email.

The only downside was that in the rain and dark we couldn't find which was the bus to central Milan and I was tired and irritable so opted for a taxi. The bus is a pittance. The taxi was 86 Euros. That's well over a hundred dollars Canadian so taxis at this moment aren't recommended.

This hotel has a 15 Euro pet fee which is about twice what is the fees we've paid to have Gilbert with us.

It's dark outside. It's raining. I haven't seen any of Milan but the inside of a taxi. I'm going downstairs to eat in the hotel. The reception here was terrific, speaking English immaculately and offering helpful information as well. There's WiFi in the room but I'm not sure how I'll hook it up.

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