Friday, October 1, 2010

London Tourists

"It's easiest if they speak English, " She said. That's for sure.  When we arrived at Heathrow we'd followed signs to our luggage and the express train.  This had taken us to the underground.  The Underground spewed us out at Earl's Court.  It was raining. We were tired. We stopped in a Starbucks so Laura could pee (his disposition perked up immediately after, suggesting possible toxic delirium by then) and I could have a coffee. (I'd no doubt gone into withdrawal and wasn't about to switch to tea despite what they say about 'when in Rome' do as the Romans.  After an Americano we sallied out into the rain with directions to find our hotel.  We found this and both got stuck inthe doorway beating each other for the bath and bed.

When we awoke darkness was coming on but we were re energised.  We headed out to the Undergroud and headed out district line to Picadilly Square. From there we wandered down to Trafalgar Square with the great scultire of Horatio.  Next we found Parliament Square, Big Ben and the Thames.  Then Westminister Abbey appeared to us. And finally we had Scotch steak in Victoria square just a block or so from Buckingham Palace. We'd asked two people working within a block of it none knew where it was.  The hotel was a relief after all the excitemeant and walking.

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