Friday, October 8, 2010

The Colosseum

Laura and I love the hotel room at the Best Western Mondial Hotel in Rome. The view out the window is stupendous.  It's hard leaving the room but we did after resting from the early flight and train and walk to the hotel.
I set out to find the Colisseum. However, I forgot the map and the guide book.  So we just wondered around being amazed at all the wondrous architecture we just happened upon.
This spectacular fountain had two tour buses stopped at it and a half dozen photographers surrounding it. Naturally I joined in taking pictures. Then turned to the guy standing by me and asked,
 'What is it?" 
"I don't know, a fountain, I guess,"  he responded.
Laura said "it's the famous one." 
I'm sure we'll find out eventually what it is.
Much to our amazement we simply happened on the Colosseum. And that was my plan for the night to walk to the Colosseum and take some night pictures.  God must have guided my steps. 
So we took pictures and then caught a taxi back to near the hotel where we stopped for a bite to ea at the Washingtont.  Met this very pleasant and enjoyable Australian fellow at the next table.  "Being Australian. can you guess what I'm here for. "  "Soccer, I'd suppose."  I answered.  "You're right."

I don't think it was just coincidence we met this soccer enthusiast the night we visitted the Colisseum.   Everywhere we go there are sports shops selling Italian jerseys and soccer paraphernalia.  The Roman's take the sport seriously. Too bad soccer wasn't invented sooner. Could have saved a lot of Christians being crucified.  Put the lions out of work though.

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