Friday, October 15, 2010

Relics of St.Peter and St.Paul

St. John Lateran church had two urns displayed above the altar and claimed to be the heads of St. Paul and St. Peter.  I looked on the web for information regard the body of St. Peter and was impressed with the above link. A fascinating story of diggings during WWII under the Basilica.  Mistakes.  A papal pronouncement of veracity but maybe that body isn't the same as the one whose head is in St. John Lateran. This whole uncertainty regarding the veracity of relics was quite similiar to the uncertainty about which 'places' were the places in the New Testament where Jesus had been.  Faith is the acceptance of things unproven. My own faith is that some are true and some aren't.  I like that there has been such a search for the historical truth.  Relics don't change my faith.  Places aren't critical to my belief. The mystery is still a mystery.  I like though that people over the ages have studied these things and searched.  I wonder too what will and won't be known about our time a couple of thousand years hence.  What I wonder as a Canadian is whether bits and pieces of the apostles ever crossed the Atlantic.  Did any church in North America get some of the cross? One of the Popes sent some of that relic to one of German princes.  Swapping relics was better than swapping baseball cards at one time in history.  I have bits of an asteroid and it makes me feel awe and humility in my own right. I expect a bit of the nail that was supposedly used on Jesus would have that much greater effect.  I was profoundly moved by the whole experience of Rome.

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