Saturday, October 2, 2010

London Photography

I'm having a lot of fun taking pictures. London is truly one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Everyone is so friendly. As a tourist everyone is so helpful but part of that is whenever I ask someone for directions or assistance they turn out to be another tourist. I have an Iphone camera, a Nikon Coolpix digital snapshot camera and the new Nikon Digital SLE D5000. I'm walking about with these things hung about my neck and an over the shoulder leather sack carrying my Ipad and Keyboard. In some countries I'd not make it 10 feet from my hotel without being stripped of all my possessions by pirana thieves. It's not that way here. Every other person is a tourist and sporting his or her own assortment of camera. Some don't even bother taking shots and leave the video cameras running constantly. Everywhere one looks there's something interesting and that's just the back drop. The people are funky. So many different languages, styles, accents and all ages. Riding the tube is as much fun people watching as sitting in the outdoor cafe's. I'm just loving taking pictures. Victoria and Albert Museum is where I spent many a lunch hour away from work exploring the huge collection. Westminster Abbey we returned to in the day along with Parliament Square. Somehow I'd not seen Whitehall at all in the downpouring rain and night even though I'd snapped a picture of the Winston Churchill Monument. Many a monument or shrine we can only gawk at not knowing at all what it's significance is, just impressed with the splendor.

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