Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hyde Park

Laura and I began today by taking the Underground to Hyde Park Corner. It was a sunny day. Walking outside in this most beautiful of parks was truly a joy. There were doves and squirrels, magnificent green trees, Serpentine Lake, wide open dog running fields and monuments every where. Henry the VIII took the land where the park is from the Roman church when Anglicanism was created for a male heir. Around the outside of the park is a horse riding path alongside a strolling path, a jogger's run and cyclists path. All they didn't have was a lane for my Harley. Laura and I strolled down to the Serpentine Lake and had a coffee in the pleasant little cafe on the lake's edge.

"I saw the Guard ride by once," I told her. "They were magnificent on their white horses."

"I'd love to see that, " said. Just then some girls came cantering along to at least please us with their horsemanship.

Marble Arch is still a treat. The Arch that goes nowhere. It was built for Buckingham Palace but the Royal Carriage couldn't fit through so it got moved over to Hyde Park. That was perhaps a century ago and clearly anticipated the tourist appreciation of it for backdrop shots. The Horse's Head nearby remains one of my all time favorite sculptures.

We left through Marble Arch and headed down Oxford Street to shop at Mark's and

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