Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gratitude for the day

I am grateful today for this day. When I go to sleep thankful for the completion of a day I am told that I don't know if I will wake in the morning. People die in their sleep. Some people believe that death is a dissolution or end of self. Yet I awake this morning and am indeed thankful to be alive.
Life is complex, entertaining, unusual, and spiked with moments in which I am truly pleased much to my own amazement. I am jaded and sometimes bitter, disappointed and routinely disolutioned, sometimes pessimistic yet surprised at times by the sheer wonder of creation.
I am thankful for my dog. His licking my face in the morning is most irritating yet I appreciate his enthusiasm for our relationship and for this day. He looks forward to walks. I am thankful for indoor plumbing. I am thankful that today the whole constitution was functional. I have too often seen men and women whose bowels and waterworks simply didn't work conveniently or their function was associated with severe pain.
I am thankful for beds. I like sleeping and woke feeling rested. Often that sense of being rested isn't a part of waking from sleep. Pain and injury cause a night to be disturbed with multiple wakening yet this night I slept through and woke not quite refreshed but nonetheless, hopeful.
I am thankful for my clothes. I like my new jacket and hat and am very grateful that I could find a couple of articles of clothing that appeal to me as much as these do right now. I am forever grateful for t shirts and baggy cotton trousers with draw strings. I am also thankful for the slip ons. The dog leash is another very smart invention as is the door and door lock.
The air this morning was crisp. I enjoyed very much that first inhalation. I was grateful it wasn't raining. I am thankful for the walk with the dog and his fun at playing that simple game of toss the ball.
I am further thankful for coffee upon return. The first cup of coffee in the morning is truly a godsend. I love the cuisinart expresso coffee maker. The engineering that went into making a simple efficient reproducible product is never something to take for granted. The coffee maker has given me this morning pleasure time and time again.( I am thankful for electricity. I am thankful for the corner store. I am thankful for the farmers. I am thankful for the transportation people. I am thankful for the buyers and sellers. I am thankful for the whole range of factors that are involved in my having this delicious Starbucks Expresso coffee in my Harley Davidson mug in the morning. I am as thankful for the cream and honey that I add daily to this oral sensation.)
I am thankful for this communication device too. It's a joy to be able to open the windows of communication as one might open the blinds on the house to see and be seen by neighbors. It's a bit like a light flicking on in the morning. I so enjoy the internet and facebook and reading anything from Bible verses to the corny humor my friends share with me this way.
I am thankful for work. I am thankful for being able to go to work instead of say the library. I love to go to the library and read and write and would love to go today but there is no payment for my time there and I like that my activities at work translate into money that I can use to pay debts, add to savings and use to make weekends more enjoyable. I am thankful for this whole system of exchange that saves me collecting cattle and taking them to a friend to get gas for my motorcycle in exchange.
I read the Globe and Mail this morning while having my coffee. I am thankful for the on line news. I am thankful for the media and it's ability to bring me news of interest keeping me abreast of matters that so many others find interesting in my community.
I am preparing to get into a hot shower. I am so thankful for hot showers. With indoor plumbing, hot showers with soap, and coffee and ice cream life is really worth living for. Today I'll be able to drive and I enjoy driving, talk and listen, and I enjoy talking and listening, write, and I enjoy writing,read and I enjoy reading, analyze and problem solve and I enjoy analyzing and problem solving. I'll also drink more coffee and have more food and I enjoy that. It's got high potential for a very good day even when it might be expected that there are going to be some lows along with the highs in the whole world of my day. I am thankful for the day nonetheless.
I pray I can use it most beneficially and see it through with grace and gentleness. I want my day to be a good day and am thankful that I believe that my own participatiion with attitude and activity can help to bring that about.
I am thankful for this day.

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Kirk L said...

Ahhh! simple pleasures scented with appreciation.