Saturday, October 2, 2010

Buckingham Palace

Given the crowds around the gates to Buckingham Palace I don't think the Queen could possibly have known we were there. I know it's best to make an appointment but it's a Canadian kind of thing to just drop by and visit. We didn't even know if she was in. The guide book said something about there being a Red White and Blue flag that were it up would say she was there but the wind was such that no flags were flying. We waved. It was all we could do, really. We took a lot of pictures in case there was ever any doubt that we'd come by to pay our respects. We just couldn't get in. There was this fellow marching about with a serious looking gun so I didn't think it would go over well if I climbed the fence either.
"It's an awfully big yard, she has." Laura said, "Her dogs could get all the exercise they needed running about out here. Gorgis don't have that long legs."

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