Thursday, November 4, 2010

Princeton Castle Resort

Princeton Castle Resort was a truly delightful resort experience. The rather extensive complex is a valley unto itself. Cabins, chalets, lodges and riding stables surround a small lake formed out of a fast moving mountain stream. Deer and rabbits wander about the property which is small enough that everything is within easy walking range but large enough that one feels there's privacy.
The owner made an exception for Gilbert, our cockapoo. She simply made it clear that the suites were so new and elegant that she didn't want them damaged in any way by a wayward canine. I reassured her that Gilbert was not such a dog. He's actually maturing into a fine young gentleman. We can trust him to not chew upholstery or anything else at his level through the night and that's a relief. He actually lets us know when he wants to go outside for a poop and pee as well.
Laura's daughter Shannon, and son in law Ryan, have stayed at the resort and loved it. Ryan specifically can be blamed for letting the cat out of the bag when I told him I was taking Laura to Princeton for the weekend. Innocently he asked, "Are you staying at the Castle.?"

That's where we got the 'tip'. The worry when one finds a marvelous retreat is that some idiot will blog about it and the prices will go up in response to the increased awareness of a little bit of heaven in our midst.
Laura absolutely loved the cabin and resort. Gilbert was just glad to be out of the city. I was there to go hunting so compared to a cold tent this lovely home was a great base to return to. The owner had made it quite clear I couldn't shoot the rabbits or deer that roam the lawns of the resort.
The castle part is the ruins of an old cement complex. After regal European history it was a pleasure to walk around the resort enjoying references to local history in addition to appreciating all the natural history of the region.
It was certainly a romantic retreat. Laura and I had lovely evenings making our own meals, watching satellite tv and luxuriating in the jacuzzi. After a day of driving about in the new 2007 Ford F350 diesel Harley Davidson edition 4x4 truck and ranging through the woods to find partridge for me to shoot, Gilbert was glad to sleep, leaving us to play.

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