Friday, November 5, 2010

Ford F350 Diesel 4x4 Harley Davidson Edition Truck

My beautiful female friend calls it the "perfect boy bling'. That's certainly not the way I'd describe my "manly man" truck.

I bought it from Ryan who said, "You're living the dream", the catchy Harley Davidson ad phrase. My Harley Davidson 96 cu Electraglyde Classic is going to enjoy taking a rest now and then. Not that the old man won't enjoy a little time out of the saddle rolling down the road in the luxury of Ford's heated leather seats, sun roof, surround sound, power "everything". The fact is I needed to have something to haul my trailer. I've had to admit I'm too old to sleep on the side of the road beside the bike. At least now, not unless I want to. Having cops shine 3 am flashlights in your face and ask you for identification is just not my idea of traveling any more.

My F350 hauls 15,000 lbs. Ryan had to buy the newest Ford F350 to get more hauling power because naturally, being male he bought a toy hauler that was more than 16,000 lbs. His wife likes the tan and cream King interior that has Ryan wearing a string tie and sports jacket while I get to stay in my leathers.

I took the truck out for it's first weekend of hunting. My cockapoo Gilbert transforms from purse toy dog to big hunting dog when he gets up into the truck. He loves sitting high up and looking down on all the other dogs. The truck performed beautifully on the freeway with great diesel mileage.

It then managed the winding roads of Highway 3 doing the mountains climbs and valleys just fine. I had Third Day's new Move album cranked right up on the sound system. Laura was doing her make up in the lighted mirror on the visor.

When I got off road on the backwoods logging roads the truck just ate up the terrain. I did this climb up and down Stemwinder out past Princeton British Columbia. I'd done it carefully in my Ford Ranger and on an off road motorcycle but the truck was just made for the steep gravel and snow roads all eaten up by cattle and trucks before me. I got into some really muddy earth road off Lawless in a new cut clearing and had no difficulty despite the weight of the truck getting clear of the sludge glue.

Gilbert found me a grouse up Copper Mountain so I shot it then got some pictures out by the wood pile with the rifle and grouse on the box. I'm supposed to be walking and exercising when I'm hunting but I didn't. I just "road hunted" because frankly I loved the luxury. One other grouse stood in the middle of the road forcing me to get out and leave the warmth and joy of my truck.

The only problem is it's just too valuable and beautiful to take into the narrow bushes and get bush burned and scraped up. Ryan already had that figured out. "You're just going to have to get a quad like me." He's got 3, hence the toy hauler. Next year's hunting season will probably see me with a quad in the back of my Ford F350 diesel 4x4 because the last thing I'd want to do is hurt my truck.

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