Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Next Three Days - movie review

In the movie Next Three Days, Russell Crowe plays a college teacher. In one scene, teaching Cervantes Don Quixote he asks the students how valid is the world view of the rational. It is a timely movie. The Economists, Politicians, Judges Generals and other world leaders insist that they are rational and superior. The North Korean are bombing South Korea again. Canadians, Americans, and Brits are dying in Afghanistan. The recent economic crisis certainly challenges the rational premise.
Elizabeth Banks plays the wife of this college teacher. She is a very sexy mother. Her son is more important to her than her job. This is in no way, shape or form a feminist movie. That's what makes it so endearing. It is something better. It is a movie all about love.
In that sense it is a very spiritual movie. The love that the movie is about is not erotic love but erotic agape. It is as Biblical as Song of Songs. It is a movie about culture, civilization and morality, true drama, and essential romance. It is marriage and love. It is not a casual movie. It's challenges abortion, suicide, the death penality and euthanasia. It is a very inconvenient movie. It is decidedly post OJ trial.
Despite the guns, drama, drugs dealers, bikers, jails and police it is a post Rockwell family movie. Liam Nielsen's is downright gritty.
Writer-Director Paul Haggis deserves an Oscar.

Four of us friends, braved the coldest of Vancouver nights to come together for a mid week movie night in Tinseltown. As much as I love dvd's and couches at home there is nothing like the popcorn and movie theatre experience. This movie was certainly one to share. Where there is love there is hope.

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Sean Grey Hanson said...

It's worth a watch when it comes to home viewing...