Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pemberton Valley Lodge, Hunting Season

Another three days of luxury hunting enjoyment. For two days I left Laura in the bed, taking Gilbert with me in the Ford 350 4x4 to meet Mr. Big Buck. It was dark when we got up to the mountain. Gilbert and I were there but Mr. Big Buck didn't show. I even hiked 10 miles in the snow to another location where I thought he might be waiting.
Brad, at Spud Valley Sporting Ltd sells Fish Finders but so far hasn't released a mule deer finder. The government could have saved the billions it spent on gun registry and just gps tagged the deer instead. It would have been cheaper and with a little of that kind of help from our government I'd have chosen to use my bow.
As it was I had my Mossberg lever action 30:30 with Leupold Scope to show Mr. Big Buck. But he never made the meeting.
So I just came back to Pemberton Valley Lodge and hung out in the outdoor hot tub contemplating the mountains before resting up in the room watching cable tv. Laura's been admiring her pink Ruger 22 rifle. She has pink cammo welly boots but Brad figured she'd better have a green cammo jacket. Right now she's looking through the latest Cabela magazine wondering why they don't have cammo nail polish and lipstick ads.
Gilbert licked my face at 5:30 am and 6:30 am hoping we'd try another meeting with Mr. Big Buck. Instead, I took him for a walk on the paths out back of the Lodge. I told Melissa at the front desk when I was filling up on the Starbuck's Cappucino in the lobby, "If Mr. Big Buck calls, just send him down to my room."
Maybe next year, the mule deer can have iPhones and a Telus plan so we can better coordinate our meeting schedules. Until then I'll just have to read, relax, watch cable tv, and use the hot tub. Pemberton Valley Lodge and my Ford Harley Davidson edition truck with heated leather seats and the great DVD/Stereo is making this hunting tougher every year. I don't know why Mr. Big Buck is blocking my calls, either He knows how much I love Venison.

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