Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trev Deely Motorcycle Museum – British Exhibit

Trev Deely on Boundary has a motorcycle museum. Right now it's the British Exhibit. Trev Deely began selling British bikes. There are BSA, Triumphs, Nortons and others. There's even a James and an Barnett. And a replica of the world's first motorcyle. There's history too. The story of how British bikes dominated the industry but didn't pay attention to the completion from Honda and the Italians and Germans. Trev Deely now sells Harley Davidson. I'm rather partial to the Ultra glyde classic but I began riding a Norton. Now I'm enjoying my HD Roadster which I've put away for the winter while I continue to ride the Honda CRF 230 enduro. It's better in the city in the bad weather. I just wish I had a sticker that said "My other motorcycle is a Harley". Trev Deely sold Honda for a while too. That makes me feel better.

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