Thursday, November 12, 2009

Downtown Vancouver

It's an amazing city. All the construction has been so frustrating. Road rage and traffic jams but now it's paying off. Downtown Vancouver is opening up like a Christmas gift. Granville Street is remodelled and ready to challenge Robson Street. What was once a bipolar city of Davie and Robson has once again taken off with Granville opening up to Burrard and Georgia and connecting all the crazy new ready to go shopping centres of down town.
All the work that's gone in to preparing for the Olympics is paying off. The city has always been beautiful. It really is one of the most beautiful modern cities in the world. It's got the verve of San Francisco and some of the architectural splendor of Hong Kong.
Yet the construction was a series of traffic traps and open sores on the city. Now there's amazing underground connector trains, sky train and new roads. There's a lightness in the air that's not been here for some time. The dressings are coming off and the cosmetic surgery really is good.
For a time of economic crisis it's hard to tell with all the new shops and new merchandise. The streets are alive with people too. There's a festive mood. Everyone is shopping. There's chatter and laughter. It helps that it was a sunny day. The moods here shift with the rains.

I'm here too. Maybe it's like this more often no. It's been a couple of months since I was walking downtown checking out the Chapters bookstore.
Tonight I just wanted a pair of cordoroys. Sears had them and then some. I came away with Levi cords and Point Zero turtleneck sweater. And yes, I actually got some jockeys. Then it was tourist mode, looking at all the new fashions. Pea Jackets are back. I love the mini skirts with the black stockings. I didn't see those on the racks but did note them in passing. Sony has the most amazing little computer about two palm size for $800. I just got my little Acer last year for $400 and now there's a half dozen competitors in this size well under the prize. It's amazing how little technology costs that once cost 10 times that when it first hit the streets. I've been waiting for the 1980's Porche I lust for to come down to lap top pricing hoping to pick one up for a song before they rise again. I just haven't had the same sort of restraint with computer products. I really would like that sweet Sony. I certainly don't need it and can't afford it. Still I couldn't pass on Future Shop. Surprizing I got out without spending any money. They have some sort of mind control program running. It's the same one I felt when I walked through North Face. There's got to be a 12 step program for Best Buy and Future Shop patrons. Generically it's Shoppaholics Anonymous.
I checked out Satchel though. I did break the strap on my over the should tech bad (purse). Now I hear they're called 'merse's'. Satchel's has moved from the Pacific Mall to the new Granville.
The Art Gallery looked great from outside and I thought of all the times I enjoyed the cafe there. I once wasn't so busy that I often took in the world class Exhibit. What a great way to spend an hour, walking about an art gallery and looking fine art. It's so thought provoking and awe inspiring. Emily Carr is resident there. What could be finer. I had wanted to see the Rembrandt exhibit when it was here. I saw the Rembrandt collection when I was in Holland but just couldn't find the time here. We so often take holidays away to see the things that we have next door.
So many things are happening now in Vancouver. All the arts are happening. I just saw Royal Winnipeg Ballet is coming. There's a new Opera. U2 was just here. River Rock is always happening. Yuk Yuks has the funniest. There's all these new nightclubs and younger friends keep encouraging me to get out with them to the salza parties.
Meanwhile I'm happy right here at Blenz. This downtown one has sofas and free internet. It even came with good conversation.

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