Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bosch Propane Water Heater

Kaloo! Kalay! He chortled in his joy! I have hot water. I have had a stupendous shower! I'm happy, joyous and free! There is a God and he loves me true. Heat. Glorious heat. I suspect I'm not ready for heaven yet. I hope it's not drafty otherwise hell's warmth may have it's appeal. I love the joys of fire as much as my Siamese cat. She's slept most of the afternoon given the diesel stove's baking heat.

Astravan Distributors fixed the water heater this last summer. When I talked on the phone with them yesterday they encouraged me to try to fix it again myself. This small marine model is no longer being made so I couldn't get a new one to replace it. Steven's Plumbing who Astravan had recommended had some ideas as to what might be wrong too.

Given a day to work on the boat I settled in to studying the matter. I adjusted this and that and then ran a lighter in front of the propane outlet till the pilot light caught flame. Wow!. I think the diesel heater heated the boat sufficiently that the propane decided to take the trip to the head at the bow from where it was hanging out with the stove in the galley at the stern.

With the joys of hot water and heated cabin now, I got the boat Yanmar diesel motor running just for good measure. I let it run a bit to remember what it feels like to be alive. I even fixed the chimney on the stove and messed about with the leaking windows finally stopping the occasional drops that had me concerned mildly annowyed. Now their screws are tightened and cleaning and Vaseline has helped their seals.

I've more stuff to move off the boat. Changed the sheets and stowed even more stuff. I've been a busy boy. Best I didn't go hunting. This heat and hot water makes home life much more appealing. Amazing what we take for granted.

Storms in the Strait of Georgia persist. I'm glad to be snug now in harbor. Reading Alexander Kent, Cross of St. George with Bolitho and Avery in the British Indomitable fighting those dastardly rebellious Americans with their treacherous French allies. Life is good. I might just go have another hot shower!

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