Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm thinking about it

I'm planning

I'm not procrastinating

I'm preparing

I'm getting the feel for it

God forbid I should make a mistake

Better to do it right

I wouldn't want to rush into it

It will get done eventually

I promise

If it's so important to you why don't you do it yourself

Didn't I say I'd do it

What's your problem any way

I'm almost done

It's just a matter of time.

Don't rush me.

You don't understand

These things can't be done quickly

I'm thinking about it

I'm thinking

I'll get to it

Don't get your knickers in a twist.

Sloth is low down mean

It's being a drama queen

It's getting the homework done after the deadline

It's proposing marriage after the woman is infertile, senile and dead

It's dirty and sneaky and the essence of pride

It's delivering the bullets for the guns after the war is over and our side lost

It's claiming it's not your fault

It's running from responsibility

It's immature

It's having no respect for time and others

It's claiming that you need more time because of your genius

It's claiming you should be paid the same though your work is late

It's maintaining the status quo because it serves your lowest aims

It's fearful and yet you won't admit inadequancy or ask for help

It's arrogant and grandiose

It's demonic and deceitful

It's making a commitment and breaking it

And yet denying the right person the job

It's holding everyone else up

It's disrespectful

It's pride of the very worst kind.

Self centred and negligent and dishonest.

It's claiming that it hurts me more than it hurts you

It's covert aggression and passive aggression

It's a measure of how much deep seated anger a person contains

It's tied in with perfectionism and pride and mostly makes others wait

It's selfish and self centered and cowardly

It's delaying anything to get greater praise

It's hoarding and raising the value falsely of something

It's the pure aggression of a pout. It's a little boy or little girl potty training.

It's me and you and all those other sons of bitches that piss us off

Jesus and Buddha and Mohammed and Krishna and Zeus and Elvis

Are all waiting for you and me so we can all start heaven together.

Are we all here yet? Now whose going to say grace?

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