Saturday, November 7, 2009

Marine Waste Disposal System - Electro Scan

I've had my Raritan Electro Scan wasted disposal system over 20 years. I once cleaned it and reassembled it. Not a pleasing task. I think Tom nursed it last summer. He certainly made a skookum little shelf holder for it. It works by sending an electric current through the waste in the holding tank and transforming human toxicity to nutrients for marine plants. It was accepted all along the US coast as an alternative to a holding tank. I have a holding tank. I even have a new holding tank since the frightening one that came with the boat and had begun to leak was removed this year.
Today I was pumping out the toilet on my boat when I heard a muffled explosion. I hoped it was outside the boat but thought it might be in my 'system'. So I pumped some more and sure enough the lid of the Electroscan had literally exploded. I'd worry about fermentation but it really is only a matter of back pressure and something downstream has caused the problem.
To solve this "problem" (pre-solution), I had to remove the Electro scan. Naturally the hose wouldn't come off as it had been heated before installation. It didn't leak. I tried the exacto knife but it broke. The saw finally worked. Meanwhile whatever inhabitted the electroscan was all over the floor of the shower and I was standing in it. I think the bottom of my jeans was drinking it too.
I got the whole thing outside on the deck. The cat was fascinated by the smell, all round excitement and cursing. I've got the new hose and notifed Raritan, that despite the Scottish blood I'm ready for another one. In the meantime the holding tank is holding.
I've got more hose from Steveston Marine to replace that which I destroyed in my excitement.
I stopped at Waves on Commercial for coffee. Since my sinusitis last year I don't have the keenest smell. I wondered though from the looks if my wet shoe took in more of the entertainment than I'd given it credit for. No one is sitting close. Someone did but shortly after they moved away. Time to change jeans, get out new socks and clean the shoes. But first I've got to complete repairs. Aren't boats fun!

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