Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Day Panned Out

I made it to Christ Church Cathedral. Great sermon. Naval images and references. Remembrance Day themes. Probably explains why I picked up the Vietnam war book and have been considering war this last week.
The Major in the US killing a bunch of soldiers on US land. Some 12 dead. Friendly fire accounting for alot of death in the 'fog of war' described in Vietnam. I admire the soldiers. Rough job. Poor pay. High risk and so much stupidity. Then the actual day of combat there's supply shortages, reconnaissance errors, guns that don't work, lack of ammo, wounded men to care for, enemies that are equally intent on killing as being killed. The Americans have all this superiority like the Roman legions once did but the Blue men of Britain had them building a wall like the Israelis have finally done to the Palistinians.
CBC news meanwhile is all about the 20 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. But that was the communist's solution to keeping people in their paradise.
I've been slogging away at clutter and chaos. Have had my clothes laundered for this week's work. I found all the socks in the storage locker I'd lost last week and now am breeding them for a second income. Such diversity too. Few matches so they'll be alot of interspecies sock mating.
I enjoyed the Remembrance memorial when Dad was with us. Feel guilty I didn't phone him today. Thought of it but then the time difference. Will call tomorrow. WWII RCAF vet. He's still letting us in on things we'd never heard about. The bombing runs and his time on planes. He opens up around the other old guys from the war. Some bonding that was. He loved going to the Air Museum in Ottawa and looking at the old planes. Told me about one of his classmates from their one room school house who'd done two tours as a rear gunner.
Trips to the storage locker moving stuff that came along with buddies and wouldn't be parted but now has been.
Laura told me we missed Taboo, the Naughty and Nice sex show this year. I missed Halloween with the move too. There's no underestimating the disruption and chaos that moving causes.
I did get more work done on the boat, topping up the batteries with water, oiling the floors, putting up more hooks for winter clothing, getting into every nook and cranny. I was really happy to find the missing panels for the dodger. That will keep out the wind. I'd really like to get some winter sailing in but the boat has to be even more fixed up before I do that. Icy cold winds can make everything just that much more dangerous but it is a thrill nonetheless. I've the fondest memories of other years I've gone out, pristine anchorages, solitude. The cat sure enjoyed her time on the boat today running about the decks and sitting on the hatch watching me working below.
Laura and I had lunch earlier at Sunny Spot Cafe on Main near Broadway. They've the very best omelettes, coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice. We've been going for years. In the summer we sit outside on the street and enjoy the funky south main ambience. A new boutique Temple of the Modern Woman has opened around the corner. The laundromat across the street and up one block took my laundry and did a fabulous job.
Now it's dinner time and restaurants are calling. Vancouver is incredible for all the choices and variety. I love Waves. Just had great Chai and free internet access.

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