Sunday, November 15, 2009

Slickity Jim's Chat n Chew is Gone

Slickity Jim's Chat n Chew is gone. Being Vancouver I jumped to the conclusion someone's meth lab exploded. An accounting firm went up in the blaze. Suspiciously the insurance company escaped. However apparently a rival restaurant started the fire in their own kitchen. Talk about 'Dumb and Dumber'. That's one way to deal with the competition. Easterners had other restaurant that set off the fire. Not Toronto easterners. The other easterners. The ones that pour gasoline on themselves as acts of civil disobedience. No one was hurt though so it might just have been an accident. Hard to believe in Vancouver with so many spicier alternatives. Likely a poltergeist gone mad.

Slikity Jim's was popular though. There was always a line up there on Sunday. It was on a Sunday excursion to Slickity Jim's that we found the nearby Sunny Spot Cafe. That became the Sunday brunch favourite but on those rare other days when we could get a way for breakfast we'd drop into Slickety Jims. Great staff. Great food.

The decor was ultra kitch. I hope that the insurance company will appreciate the priceless value of their rare collection of bizarre and tasteful items. I personally liked the manikin head. So many of the things on the wall came from when I was a child and reminded me of breakfast with my parents when the tables were all too high.

Slickity Jim's will be missed. Hopefully it will be back. Maybe Premier Campbell will help get it up and running before the Olympics. Otherwise, where will the tourists eat. Slickity Jim's was a true example of the distinct culture of Vancouver. Everything was unique. Nothing matched yet it all worked together. A real heritage treat.

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