Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dickinson Marine Diesel Heater

It's simply glorious to have the Newport Dickenson heater going again. Lovely little flame dancing in the cabin. Windows open to let out "excess" heat. Imagine, more heat than one needs. Unbelievable! Yet this little Dickinson Heater kept me warm in this 40 foot steel sailboat when outside a blizzard was raging. True I wasn't sitting about in shorts and t shirt like I am now but I was still warm. Cordoroy and sweater warm in sub zero temperatures with snow covering the deck.

Today the rains continue and it's certainly chilly but not so cold as it's been for me and this boat. I changed the fuel hose last year, having changed out the pump with limited benefit. The new fuel hose made all the difference. Today I had to adjust the chimney cap too. It had fallen down a bit reducing the draft. The cap is especially designed to keep out rain. This was critical when I was sailing down the coast one winter and sleet and rain was pelting the deck. I was dressed in my Mustang Survival Suit and long johns keeping warm despite the weather.

Now I'm just baking in the salon cabin drinking expresso coffee after having had oatmeal with ginger rhubard jam for breakfast. Life is good with heat. Now sometime today I plan to make a foray at the water heater again. Oh to have a hot shower on the boat. As it is a cold shower wouldn't be all that terrible given the heat I'd be stepping out into.

I've been using the electric heaters and they'd certain kept the boat warm but even topped up with a Coleman propane heater at times it remained drafty with a damp chill feel. When I lived in Lodon England it was like that all the time in winter.

With this diesel heater its luxurious. The cat isn't even missing her heat lamp curled up beside me in Siamese cat heaven warmth. She did her tour of the deck earlier in the cold and rain and quickly came back yowling to be let into the warm.

I could be hunting today but the partner couldn't make it and the drive seemed onerous. I'm glad I talked to my sister in law and she asked where I'd put another deer with my freezer already full. Truthfully with venison in the freezer already I'd just as soon get the boat ready for fishing. Even fresh rock cod would be a delight. I don't know what the regs say but will check them out and hope for some fresh December fish. Maybe salmon is still open. There's always crab to be caught off the islands in the bays where I like to anchor and just enjoy the quiet and pristine beauty of British Columbia. Each day I'm here working on the boat I bring it closer to being ready for a week of winter sailing.

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