Friday, January 23, 2015

Vancouver Boat Show, 2015

The Vancouver Boat Show 2015  at BC Place was as enjoyable an outing as ever. So much to see. I love the extraordinary boats on show.  Great new advances in water transportation.  Great event with Ferrari’s and Maseratis cars being sold with Executive ships for the Vancouver wealthy.  As well, something for everyone.  I loved the kayaks and canoes.
I personally covetted the Sea Doos.  I have an offshore sailboat, dinghy, kayaks, canoe and 20hp runabout Profile so it’s not like I ‘need’ any more boats. It’s just that I don’t have a Sea Doo and they’re getting better every year.  This year little sparks ran for $7000 but the best was a $17000 executive ‘commuter’ that went from 0 to 70 mph in seconds.  The fun seadoos get everyone wet but the commuter (really a motorcycle for the water) is protected so one can stay dry.  Obviously I need one.  The only thing is I have no where to store it.  They have trailers but I’d need another storage locker.   The guys from Ladysmith were the most informative. They also have the Can AM Spyder which Laura really liked.
Steveston’s Marine had a great selection of safety gear, fashion and everything a boat needs, everything. I shopped at Steveston for 20 years spending a fortune but loving all the high quality equipment.  I love the Mustang survival wear and Laura loved the Sperry boat shoes.
I remember my first boat show, more than 20 years ago.  Then I had an endless wish list.  Today I was very thankful because frankly I didn’t see anything I really ‘needed’ .  While I might like a million dollar boat I’m very thankful for my boat and the little ones I have. I’m so very thankful. My sailboat has crossed the Pacific twice and could today go round the world.  I did see a new set of unbreakable plates and bowls that I liked   The guys at ICOM told me something about the radios I have which I didn’t know. There was all sorts of expertise there.  But generally it was just a great outing.  A fantasy excursion.  If I had a few hundred thousand I’d definitely get one of the cabin cruisers. For hunting I’d love the amphibian aluminum boat that allows you to run an ATV ashore off the deck.  Maybe if we had one of those we’d have got a moose last fall.
Thee were a whole selection of affordable little fishing boats with motors of all sizes. Volvo Penta had a smaller and larger model of my recent new inboard diesel motor purchase so I just ogled that for a while. They look so pretty on display.  In my sailboat I sometimes just touch my new Volvo Penta 40hp engine and feel good with the world.  Having a new motor is spiritual.  I really am so grateful for the equipment that keeps me alive and allows me to so enjoy the BC Outdoors, not to mentions the world’s oceans.
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