Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crimean Memorial - Christ Church Anglican - Istanbul, Turkey

Mehmet Tetik, my guide, took me to the Anglican church (1582) by the Galata Tower. I was really appreciative of this because I’d not have found it easily myself though the instructions on their web site are excellent.  As a result of early reconnaissance I was able to get back for Sunday Mass. Father Ian presided.  There was a baptism.  I got to look around the church more.  I met up again with Trise I’d met earlier and befriend Deborah.  The coffee after church was a real international meeting. The church had English members, Swiss, Persian, Turkish, American, Iraquis.  Father Ian said how he loved that so many people from so many different places seemed to find their way there. I loved the ducks and chickens that had been rescued. The cats and kittens were a treat too. I went for lunch after with Trise and the group.  Trise is an artist and she draws mostly in the winter because she guides in the summer.  Her friend was looking to set up Recovery centres along the lines of Betty Ford in Turkey. Deborah a New England College teacher, had worked in Istanbul for 9 years before taking her latest position teaching in a private college in Saudi Arabia. She was just back visiting.  The lunch was delicious but the fellowship was the best with such brilliant and vibrant people. I felt very welcomed. (see www.anglicaninstansistanbul.blogspot.com)
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