Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ozler Centre Artisanal and Onyx, Cappadocia, Turkey

Mehmet Buyukata, ( took me to where Onxy is turned into pottery and vases. Onxy ware from Cappadocia was used in the Dolmadabe Castle in Instanbul.
IMG 7470
Mehmet and me.
Finished onyx
Large slabs of Onyx piled against the wall.
Modern onyx work with rotary and chisel.
Glazing the onyx
Upstairs where onyx and other fine work was being done on jewelry
Upstairs in the Ozler Centre Artisanal there was a wonderful display of finished onyx work. There was also lovely jewelry in gold and silver with precious and semi precious stones. Sultanite was a new found stone that changed colour with light.  Turquoise - actually is named for Turkey.  The blue of the local turquoise stone was resplendent.

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