Friday, January 2, 2015

Istanbul - Best Western Amber Hotel Terrace - Jan 2 2015

My Air Canada flight Toronto to Istanbul was without incident.  Excellent service.  Great take offs and landings.  I’m just tired.  I had an aisle seat and was able to get up a few times so I wasn’t too cramped.  The audio jack didn’t work at my seat. I could have moved but instead just read Robert Ludlome’s Bourne Ascendacy, by Eric Lustbader.  I napped a bit. Chicken dinner and omelette breakfast were served.  I loved the distraction.  Landing I realized I was again in a country where I didn’t know the language and couldn’t read the writing.  From a learned man with adept language skills I’ve returned to being an idiot savant.  I was thankful for the English translations on signs that carried me to Passport Control. The kind man studied me for a bit then stamped my passport and handed it and me eVisa back to me.  No difficulties there.  An information desk directed me to a ‘hotel information’ service where I was able to get a $110 turkist lire shuttle to the Best Western Amber Hotel where I’m staying.  I think the Lire is about 50 cents but I really do have to review that.  I’m carrying american money, canadian money, turkish lira and euros.  My brother and nephew are far better at the rapid accounting that saves them losing money in these transactions.  I simply muddle along and usually am fairly competent with exchange by day 2 or 3 of my travels.
They’ve just let me know my room is ready. I’ve been waiting on the Terrace of this Best Western Hotel enjoying the quite spectacular view of the harbour and surroundings.  I’d certainly love to sail into this extraordinary place of ships since ancient times.
11 am I’m in my room. It’s quaint, lovely hard wood floors, bow legged chairs but all the modern conveniences. I’ve just had a shower so am a bit human. My guide Mehmet called to say he was about 45 minutes away. I could sleep for a day but I’ll  keep moving and the jet lag and lack of sleep will just have to sit on the back burner.  I certainly lost a lot of sleep delivering babies, late night emergencies, even now I get calls in the wee hours and just muddle on with a loss of a nights sleep.  It certainly makes one appreciate sleep.
Well, I’m glad I’m here.  It’s an adventure.  There’s that whining chanting loudly broadcast ‘call to prayers’  outside that distinguishes Moslem religion.   I’m in a different world.  Now to learn about the history and experience the exotic.

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Wynn Bexton said...

Enjoy every moment of this fabulous, exotic city. I have such fond memories of Turkey and the Turkish people. Food is great too! Have loads of fun!